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The Walter Sterling show is different. Sometimes it's good.

Listen live Sundays at 10 PM Eastern. And please call the show.

888 688 WALT.

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You are alone but you are not alone. Join your fellow MIDNITE MISFITS. Get your membership card. Send your snail mail address to You will receive this free handsome membership card. It spells out what you have to do as a misfit and why you are a misfit. Nothing personal.

PODCAST. It's the hot thing

Please subscribe for free to the OLD DAD PODCAST. It's not boring like most podcasts because it's created by an actual broadcaster. You'll hear:

• Why old dads are best--thanks Tina Fey

• Why young dads may be virile but they are not viral

• How to behave in the playground

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Let's Talk

Radio is the original social media. Radio has been streaming to the car since 1938. Listeners have been live on the air through the phone since 1957. Putting your ideas on the public stage is an ability radio handles well.

When I'm on the radio, I try to share the thoughts I would share with my other good friends. Because I'm from Jersey I know how to argue for sport. It is the Jersey sport!

People who are up late are different, we are misfits. We hate team sports and staff meetings. You and I like to solve problems in solitude. Solitude with the radio, a few inches from our ears. Let's go.



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Let's Date

Please listen on 1210 WPHT Radio Philadelphia.

And Call 855 839 1210.  And follow on Twitter  @waltermsterling